M-Audio code 61 & Hammond SK1

Bekanntlich bietet HX3.5 verschiedene MIDI-CC-Sets zur Steuerung mit anderen Instrumenten an. Oft kommen Fragen auf, ob HX3 mit einem bestimmten Keyboard kompatibel ist; leider können wir nicht alle selbst ausprobieren. Postet bitte hier Eure Erfahrungen mit bestimmten Instrumenten oder Masterkeyboards.

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M-Audio code 61 & Hammond SK1

Beitrag von Smuggler » 17. Sep 2019, 09:17

M-Audi code 61 runs phantastic in HX3.5 Basic Midi channel 2 and with NiB4 Midiset.

My choice for this master keyoboard was the nine Fader for Drawbars and very important the XY-Pad.
With the XY-Pad I can directly controll with one finger tip Mastervolume 7 together with the Tube AMP distortion.

I use the 16 drum-buttons on left side to change the presets.

All possible Parameters which are available in NIB4 Midiset I do controll by the code 61.

An other point is the keyboard itself. it is ok for Organ but also very good for playing Piano. One of the best keyboard installed in a masterkeyboard in this price area.
The M-Audio I use with HX3.5 ( V 5.412 ) only at home.

Live on gigs I control the HX with my Hammond SK1 ( with Basic Channel 2 also ) . Many but not all HX SK Midiset Paramters are working.
The few paramters which are not compatible between my SK1 and the documentation of SK Midiset I do control by an iPhone ( over Midi designer PRO ).
Unfortunatelly the Preset Change does generally not run on it. For my opinion it is a bug in HX coding, because only on SK Midiset it doesnt work. All other Midisets of the HX runs perfect with the new Preset organization ( tested with M-Audio code 61 ).

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