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L/R Imbalance from CaM Leslie

Verfasst: 25. Jul 2021, 10:14
von clp560

I posted this query on Roland De Schutter's HX3 organ users Facebook page but thought I should add it here and see if a solution (or explanation) can be offered. Basically I'm hearing about a -3db difference between audio 1 and audio 2 when the Leslie is set to ON/Brake. When the Leslie is bypassed the outputs are equal. I'm using the latest FW 5.654 updates. All the cables are checked as are the audio interface inputs of my UR22.

I've attached the conversation as screenshots from Facebook and a contributor called Michael Frieß has also noticed this issue. I can add audio examples if needed but maybe someone at Keyboardpartner, or other forum users could check out this issue.


Re: L/R Imbalance from CaM Leslie

Verfasst: 19. Aug 2021, 14:08
von Christian
This is the answer that Carsten gave on Facebook:

Carsten Meyer
The "different level issue" only occurs on FPGA prior to 09062021. On first two octaves and all drawbars out, level difference should be below 0.5dB when rotary stopped. Double check your FPGA version otherwise.
However, there is a slight level difference on some (!) higher notes due to phase delays and interference. This is normal, as it also occurs on a Leslie with two mics. DO NOT measure levels with only one drawbar out. Even when stopped, the rotary sim will produce interference and "cancel" effects on pure sine waves. This is how the Leslie modulation works, BTW.