Trouble updating to 5.630 FW [SOLVED!]

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Trouble updating to 5.630 FW [SOLVED!]

Beitrag von JoostO »

Sorry to inform you the update to 5.630 went wrong. I have a custom home build organ:
-HX3.523 board
menu panel
panel 16
fatar scan board.

I opened HX3.5 editor
selected custom build organ
clicked "Update!"
After some minute it prompted: do you want to select custom ini file (or something like that). I didn't know what to do so I chose "update_script.ini"
Dream updater started, ended with "unplug device" and than "searching for device" which didn't go away. I pressed "abort"
Than I was prompted to select a .dfu file, I selected 'HX35_5504-FW_0121.dfu'
Then the process seemed to go on right ending with "reboot, closing midi ports, trying sync...
Organ restarted but gave warning "not finalized"
Editor freezes.
Organ gives no sound but I can hear the rotor "Whoosh."

So, what to do? Help would be appreciated, thanks!
(Sorry don't know to post a picture here. I can mail one of the frozen editor screen with the last part of the update log.)
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Re: Trouble updating to 5.630 FW

Beitrag von JoostO »

I forced stoped the frozen editor
restarted the organ, again warning "not finalized"
I DO get sound but all my settings are gone.
I restarted the editor
I could connect and parameters as drawbars react but very slowly
Update/finalize window: ERROR: sync failed
No more sound from the organ.
Editor freezes.
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Re: Trouble updating to 5.630 FW

Beitrag von happyfreddy »

Please send a email to Keyboardpartner direct an write down
Your used Board Version / Extension board and detailed items what happened
when starting update.
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Re: Trouble updating to 5.630 FW

Beitrag von Christian »

Also please include your phone number and when you can be reached, so that we can call you if necessary.

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Re: Trouble updating to 5.630 FW

Beitrag von bovist »

Hello Joost,

we apologize for the inconvenience. Running the update_script.ini as a config script will result in an endless loop, as the update script is called by itself.

On custom made organs (non-keyboardpartner products like DIY, Uhl or MAG) a custumized INI file may be run. We supply INI files for our MIDI/Drawbar Expanders as well as standard Fatar-equipped organs with 2 or 4 drawbar sets, MAG and Uhl organs, but as we cannot determine your particular configuration, some manual adjustments may be necessary. If in doubt, do NOT run any config script, check parameters manually instead.

If anything went wrong, it may help to re-install the update parts manually with HX3.5 Edtor's Update/Finalize window, menu "Update -> Update via USB or FTDI cable".
  • Connect to organ by clicking "Connect"
  • Are "Organ Licence" and "Extended Licence" (if purchased) lit up "OK"?
  • Check board information: are "Board Summary" entries correct?
  • FPGA:11012021, FW: 5.630, ScanCore: 5x:32, DSP Version: x1.23
  • Does Scan Driver match your configuration (Fatar, MIDI or Scan61)?
Update manually all parts that differ in version number or if scan driver type (Fatar, MIDI or Scan61) is not correct. To prevent corrupted EEPROM (non-volatile configuration data), always update EEPROM after a crash.

Automatic update will not install the new Piano soundbank by itself. It must be uploaded with HX3.5 Edtor's Update/Finalize window, menu "Update -> Update via USB or FTDI cable -> DSP (byDreamDFU)". the process is similar to DSP firmware update.

On Jan. 13th I made a small change to Editor/Updater (will have increased reliability) and Fatar scan driver (BASS25 was not working). Please download ZIP file again if downloaded before Jan 13th, 21:00.
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Re: Trouble updating to 5.630 FW [SOLVED!]

Beitrag von JoostO »

I thought I should share the solution to this problem. Christian from Keyboardpartner provided excellent support, I even at last had to send in my board. He performed the update without any problem. And returned it to me. The board was updated but still I couldn’t connect with the editor. “Sync failed” and organ stopped playing.
I had to be something in my configurations or hardware build........
I tried several different laptops and usb cables en downloaded and installed the software again, made numerous power cycles, all to no effect.
Then suddenly I noticed that the blue activity led on the board was constantly lit, which is not normal. It should flash with intervals and when activity occurs such as playing a key or changing the setting of a drawbar.
After some research I also noticed that on the led display the values of the lower drawbars were changing constantly.
Now you have to know that I have a single manual organ and I use the lower analog inputs (3 of them) for dedicated knobs to set master volume, tone & Leslie drive. The other inputs I had “unassigned” in the editor.
Well now: the update configured the board as ‘custom organ’ and had opened up these unused analog inputs, not connected to anything but the ribbon cable. They flip/flopped and sent an endless datastream through the midi system which -I guess- couldn’t cope anymore with the long sysex data from/to the editor when trying to connect.
What I did: I disconnected the ribboncable and the activity led started flashing normal (after a power cycle). Et voila: The editor connected as usual and I could restore all my settings :-)))))
I’ll get rid of the clumsy ribbon and connect my pots with single dupont connected wires.
So, that’s it! Thanks again for the excellent support of the people from Keyboardpartner!

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