midi bass pedals

Bekanntlich bietet HX3.5 verschiedene MIDI-CC-Sets zur Steuerung mit anderen Instrumenten an. Oft kommen Fragen auf, ob HX3 mit einem bestimmten Keyboard kompatibel ist; leider können wir nicht alle selbst ausprobieren. Postet bitte hier Eure Erfahrungen mit bestimmten Instrumenten oder Masterkeyboards.

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midi bass pedals

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Please help I have an HX3.5 equipped with 2 fatars via two drawbar modules. I want to connect a custom made midi controller to add bass pedals input, but when I have them connected the signal is not received. I have tested the midi controller by running it through various keyboards with midi in and they work just fine, but when I connect it to the HX3 midi in it does not work. My understanding is that I should be able to run fatar scans and a midi in to channel 3 to get bass pedal sounds, but this appears to not be the case. Am I missing a jumper or is HX3 just not capable of working this way?
Thank you to anyone who has more info on this topic
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Re: midi bass pedals

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To Your problem :
The HX 3 accepts MIDI in at
channel 1 for upper keys
channel 2 for lower keys
channel 3 for pedal keys ( maximum 25 keys )
When Your " test keyboard " sends data on channel 3 it must work for the lower 25 keys.
control that they are in correct octave position.

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