How to make swell pedal attenuate 100% ?

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How to make swell pedal attenuate 100% ?

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My new Magorgan C-1 doesn't attenuate 100% when I turn down my swell pedal that works perfect on my Hammond XM-2 module. I found these entries in HX35 Manager that relate to Swell:

Param 1088 AO28 Trim Pot Swell, value: 100
Param 1089 AO28 Minimal Swell Volume, value: 0 (was 15, still audible)
Param 1371 MIDI Swell CC, value: 11
Param 1384 Preamp Swell Type, value: 0 Hammond AO28

I turned param 1089 down from 15 to 0 which seemed to help, however, notes are still audible even if the pedal is turned down. The pedal is a Yamaha FC7.
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Re: How to make swell pedal attenuate 100% ?

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The HX 3 is a Hammond Clone and will do nothing else than a real Hammond also will do.
The swell pedal of any Hammond NEVER can regulated to ZERO.
So in minimum position always sound can be heard.
This is caused the a HX3 has no MIDI parameter for volume control.
You only find MIDI parameters for the swell volume which is not the same as volume control.

If You want real volume control You must use a volume pedal
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Re: How to make swell pedal attenuate 100% ?

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I had the same question about reducing completely CC11 to zero sound ... and for myself, using only one register, the upper one, which has it's own CC for volume, CC09, with which can be reduce to zero the volume...maybe this will help you too.

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My new Magorgan C-1 emits MIDI velocity values that are far too high, making it unsuitable for controlling my good old DX7 sounds. In HX35 Manager I found parameter 1363 Fatar Velocity Factor which has a value of 20. Is that the parameter to adjust? I am reluctant to change anything that I dont know of ..
BR, Stefan

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