Lowrey Organs

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Lowrey Organs

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I am looking for Parts of the Lowrey MX-1 Electronic organ, as I am restoring an Orchestration Plus system from one.
I am particularly interested in the CPU Board, the Memory Board, and the Parallel Interface board.
If Anyone is able to help, firstly I will be able to send Part Numbers and Photographs of these boards to help identify them.
Also, I am willing to send Antistatic Bags in order to protect the boards during Shipping.
As an aside, Parts from the Lowrey D350 Holiday, and the Lowrey D575 Cotillion, all share the same chipset.
Thanks, and Kindest Regards from New Zealand
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Re: Lowrey Organs

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first it will be very kind if You registrate Yourself in this Forum.
Your post now is made as a guest , which is normally no problem,
but no one can answer personally to Your questions via PN or email

second is the fact that this Lowrey Organ MX 1 is from the 70ties and Lowrey Organs
are in Germany not much used. I think You will have more success in britain
http://www.muzines.co.uk/articles/lowre ... eview/2642


Btw ...... The Lowrey MX 1 is same organ as the D 600

Two years ago I have repaired a Lowrey C 500

I had the same problem to get no components or parts from this organ.
The factory of Lowrey doesn`t exsist any longer since a few years and even
those older parts were specially produced only for Lowrey.

It seems that Your MX 1 uses same parts like the C 500.

Without schematic of the organ it is much difficult to find the mistakes.

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