CC7 to control upper/lower volume

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CC7 to control upper/lower volume

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Hi All,

Since a few days i have my HX3 module conected to Genos. I am facing to following problems in the cc editor:

-i have set in CC editor upper volume to CH 1 CC7
-I have set in cc editor lowe volume to ch 2 CC7
-I have set in CC editor main volume to ch 0 CC 0

What happens when i move upper or lower fader from my Genos fader, the main fader in HX3 moves??

Because the Genos faders can only send CC 7 it is impossible to use them to control the drawbars from HX3. I wanted to use 16" to control with ch 3 CC7, 8" to control with ch 4 cc7 and so on. But every CC7 controls only the main volume.

Can someone help me with what i am doing wrong?

Kind regards Leon

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Re: CC7 to control upper/lower volume

Beitrag von happyfreddy » 24. Jan 2022, 00:00

Please regard the implementation of CC sets ready to chose for use ... DI_CC_Sets

regard the used MIDI channels !!!! in tables

The CC Numbers are shown in table of CC sets

On chapter 5 there are some mostly used CC sets listed.
Perhaps some of them will work with Genos.

The Native B4 sets are normal most used sets. So its possible that the Genos can handle that
Otherwise You had to buildt Your own CC set as discribed in chapter CUSTOM CC set ( #8 , #9 )

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Re: CC7 to control upper/lower volume

Beitrag von Gast » 24. Jan 2022, 18:24

The Genos sliders only can send CC7 volume commands.

In the HX3 CC editor you can set midichannel 1 CC7 to control the upper volume, and ch 2 CC7, but that does not work. It looks like all CC7 commands only control the main volume of HX3.

In the HX3 CC editor the CC7 commands are not blocked to program for upper and lower volume, so you think that would be possible. But this does not work.

I hoped that i was not the only one who wanted to use the HX3 together with the GENOS. :(


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