Too much harmonic content on pedals

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Too much harmonic content on pedals

Beitragvon PortlandMike » 17. Jun 2017, 01:40

I am hoping that in a future FW update, the harmonic content will be reduced on the pedals. I don't really use the 8' much, but the 16' on the HX3 definitely has too much when compared to my 1962 Hammond C3 played through my 1958 Leslie 51C. I know my FBT Vertus CS1000 isn't exactly the same as a Leslie (12" vs 15" speaker), but the harmonic content still seems too high on the HX3 FW 4.22/FGPA 10102016.

I also feel that the 1' drawbar has always been a little too weak (even on "recapped" mode, although I prefer the 1972 or 1961 sound overall). But perhaps this has been addressed in 4.25.

These are minor issues, of course. Thank you for an incredibly realistic and inspiring Hammond B3 sound!

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Re: Too much harmonic content on pedals

Beitragvon Drawbi » 26. Jul 2017, 04:28

Hello Michael,

open HX3 Remote Software and check the "Organ" and "Lower" settings. There is a 5 1/3 drawbar for the pedal. Set all the values to "0"; this will decrease the harmonic content.
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