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HX3.5 Firmware 5.533 BETA

Beitrag von bovist » 4. Jan 2020, 10:30

Firmware #5.533 introduces named presets for MenuPanel and HX3.5 Panel, as well as the HX3.5 Preset Mover for easy copying and assembling preset setups with "Preset Preview" function (try out entries in saved "preset.dat" files). New "Snapshot" allows direct transfer of current organ setup to a Preset file entry without saving it to HX3.5 itself.

Please see HX3.5 Panel user manual in BETA directory. We removed obsolete HX3.5 Configurator as it is completely covered by new HX3.5 Editor. Preset Mover's "Preview", "Snapshot" and "Edit" functions will only work with firmware #5.533 and up.

07.02.2020 Firmware #5.533, FPGA 17012020, HX3.5 Editor 5.532

* Firmware: Some adjustments to Mojo/Hamichord MIDI CC set (Equalizer control). Note: As Mojo sends a CC on "Bank Select LSB" (32), set Preset CC in menu to an unused MIDI controller (ie. 126 or 127).
* Firmware: Added support for named Presets (needs new "Preset Mover" to rename)
* Firmware: Added support for "Preset Preview" and "Snapshot" function
* FPGA: Adjusted V1/V2/V3 volume, somewhat higher
* Update script: Adjust Chorus Dry Level (now default 90) to compensate for higher delay line (wet) output
* New Preset Mover available in HX3.5 Editor and HX3.5 Panel

Some improvements of HX3.5 firmware are due as some customers complained about the too-low Percussion Drawbar level in EG PERC mode (electronic gating) and incompatibilities of MIDI bank select command for Common Preset recall.
Find it here: http://keyboardpartner.remotewebaccess. ... 20Firmware

03.01.2020 Firmware #5.527, FPGA 03012020

* Firmware, Feature: Arbitrary MIDI CC selection parameter for "Common Preset" change (also available in MIDI menu), default #32 (Bank Select LSB), valid in all MIDI CC sets
* Firmware, Feature: High Foldback Mode (M100 OFF, B3 ON) in menu
* Firmware, Improvement: Deeper modulation factors for CaM rotary sim and Phasing Rotor
* Firmware, Feature: Preset Save/Restore Mask #1498 (System Inits) changed to 127 (all bits ON = all saved/restored) on Expander models
* Firmware, Feature: Percussion Drawbars in Electronic Gating Perc mode automatically enabled
* Firmware, Bugfix: Indication of Default or Common Preset Save in menu now according to "Preset Save/Restore Mask" parameter #1498 (System Inits)
* FPGA: Lower AO28 Preamp noise
* FPGA: Higher Percussion Drawbars level in EG Perc mode
* HX3.5 Configurator/Editor: Small improvements, will show destination of saved parameter (Default or Preset) according to "Preset Save/Restore Mask" parameter #1498 (System Inits)
* HX3.5 Configurator/Editor: Some lines from #6200 up had wrong max. values
* HX3.5 Editor (same as Configurator, but with Tab Panel) added for experienced users
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