Update: Firmware 5.091

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Update: Firmware 5.091

Beitrag von bovist » 23. Aug 2018, 14:34

08/16/2018 Firmware #5.091, HX3.5 Editor

* Bugfix: EEPROM init restauration after update or factory reset was faulty
* Changed INI scripts to properly setup System Inits
* Use new HX3.5 Editor to update firmware. Will always update EEPROM if firmware update by FTDI or MIDI is selected from drop-down menu.

Important: Please update firmware twice, otherwise Button Remaps may contain garbage. With update by FTDI or MIDI using HX3.5 Editor, updating firmware is sufficient. "Finalize" with HX3.5 Editor or by SD card INI script after update.

08/16/2018 Firmware #5.090, Scan Driver #14, HX3.5 Editor

* Bugfix: GM Voice save to Overall Preset
* Bugfix: External Rotary control switch (Extension Board)
* Bugfix: "randomly very low velocity sent" in Scan Driver
* GM voices minor bugfix
* HX3.5 Editor allows mapping of "extra" upper/lower/pedal voices #16..23 to any GM program number (see new "DSP/GM Setup" group). Click "Save Params as Default" after editing to activate new mapping.
* Lowered "Relative Organ Volume" param 1491 (see DSP/GM Setup Group in HX3.5 Editor) to 64 for better match to GM voices

Note: Disable Param 1497 (Sync Voice Numbers) in "System Inits" to enable GM Voice numbers saved in Overall Presets. From this FW and up, param 1497 will be disabled by default. Do "Finalize" with HX3.5 Editor after update!
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