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MIDIOUT on 3.3?

Verfasst: 14. Mai 2020, 11:15
von fungo23

I wanted to get MIDIOUT going but it's not happy.
I'm running HX3.3 latest firmware 4.25. Set the jumpers as per manual (1-2, 4-5, 7-8) but not getting any midi out for key presses (or anything else).
Looked at params in Remote (MIDI Channel, MIDI Option) but didn't help.

Can someone confirm that this can be made to work on 3.3? My impression from the manual is yes but would like to know for sure before spending any more time on it.

Re: MIDIOUT on 3.3?

Verfasst: 15. Mai 2020, 12:48
von fungo23
Answering my own question: ... ional_info
works well.