Saving settings via MIDI ?

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Saving settings via MIDI ?

Beitrag von RamonCliment » 5. Aug 2018, 09:34

Hi everybody !

I wrote a little app for Windows for myself in order to set/edit HX3-Plexi Expander Drawbars, Tabs and other parameters on live performance,
wich is very useful for playing wiht a simple midi keyboard without further controls.

Until now is possible to save settings and presets on the app itself but I would like to save 'global' parameters from app into the HX3 Plexi Expander.

Does someone knows if is there a possibility to save internally into HX3 Plexi Expander the whole edition with MIDI ?

Also I would like to integrate the official HX3 LOGO on my app. Though I think this is a matter of agreement and permission from Carsten side !

Best regards to the community,

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