Running hx3_remote from a Mac - how to

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Running hx3_remote from a Mac - how to

Beitragvon Geir » 14. Nov 2017, 07:28

Hi all. Since I got the remote software running on a Mac I have been asked to document how. Which I am happy to do:

1. hx3_remote is a Windows program. It will not run under OSX. This means you have to run Windows on your Mac. There are two ways to do this:
a. Run some sort of virtual engine to allow Windows to run "under" OSX. I use Parallels (mine is version 11, the latest and greatest is version 13.)
b. Run Windows directly on the Mac, using Bootcamp. This is faster, as it omits the middle layer, but requires you to restart into Windows every time. For our purpose speed is not an issue.

How to install Windows on a virtual engine or on Bootcamp is an essay in it self, and well documented elsewhere. So we will assume that you have either solution set up.

2. I have tested this with Windows 10 under Parallels, and Windows 8 on Bootcamp. Both works.

3. You want to make sure you have the correct version of the remote software - 4.22 or 4.25 seem to be the current contenders - newer version will surface eventually.

4. The folder - in my case it was named "Remote_for_all" inside a folder named "HX3SW 4-22 [date]" should be downloaded to your Windows download folder. Do not try to run it from an external location.

5. Inside the folder there should be a program called "hx3_remote.exe". This should start and display a window to set and get and edit the parameters. As of now, it will not (unless you have already used it before) show any values.

6. Now connect your organ (in my case a MAG P-2) or module using the appropriate kind of USB cable. Here is the slightly tricky part: Getting Windows (and therefore hx3_remote) to recognise the unit. If not when you try to select the unit it will say it didn't find it. I found that having the program open and the unit switched on, and then unplugging and replugging the USB cable would do the trick if at first it could not be found.

Here the Parallels and Bootcamp scenarios will differ: Under Parallels you should see a dialog asking whether you want the USB adapter to connect through OSX or Windows. You want to answer Windows here to avoid any issues. On Bootcamp it should just work, as then Windows runs directly on the hardware.

7. Once connected, click he "Device" button in the upper left corner of the window of hx3_remote. It should list your HX3 unit in a pop up window, so select it to continue. If you get an "No .... found" error, USB has not connected, so repeat from 6. If OK, the remote window should now automatically get the parameters from your HX3 unit.

8. I had one instance where it didn't retrieve the parameters, all came back as -999 or something, I then just closed the device and reopened it, and all came back correctly.

That is it! I am no expert on neither the HX3 and its parameters or the hx3_remote software, so any questions on how to use it (and which values are the "best ones") I will leave to others.

Hope this helps other Mac users!

Geir :)

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Re: Running hx3_remote from a Mac - how to

Beitragvon happyfreddy » 14. Nov 2017, 09:31

Many thanks
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