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Beitragvon rolandds » 1. Feb 2017, 16:22

Since a while , i discovered that some notes of my HX3 organ are playing much louder ( and some more quiet ) than the adjacent notes.
( Firmware Version 4.21 )
Now I have measured them with my oscilloscope, and indeed :
I find some notes with twice the top value of the notes lying next to it, and that on different places.
When I examine the tapering files of the generator and keyboard wiring with HX3-tapering.exe program, i also see such huge amplitude differences between adjacent notes.
Is that necessary/normal ? Why is it so implemented ?
Where the Hammond Organs (so badly) calibrated in the past ?
I suppose that the tapering files, in case of the HX3, are intended to calibrate the over-all-signal amplitude of the emulated vintage keyboard + drawbar resistor-wiring and the generator together,
and that the outgoiing notes can be equalized by means of these files.
The only thing i’m seeking for is, which is a normal amplitude / frequency curve for a well callibrated Hammond organ ?
Does any of you have some experience with this,
or documentation of how to interprete and adjust of the tapering by means of HX3-tapering.exe program ?
I know that UHL is using a different tapering ( may be for the same reason )

Roland ,
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Beitragvon bovist » 26. Feb 2017, 14:43

Hello Roland,

we will check for the next FPGA update.
Gruß, Carsten aka bovist
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