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Beitrag von Max » 26. Apr 2015, 17:15

I have a problem, accidentallyI deleted everything tab hoax MKII version 3.41 via the platform
I reset everything by mistake, then no longer find any information organ license,
license leslie my name Maxcal etc. empty board.
and 'can restore everything possible later 3.5XX to also have the Leslie stereo.
I have to send back to you empty card?
I look forward to new ..
Thank you all ...

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Re: help...

Beitrag von bovist » 5. Mär 2018, 08:52

If you manage to install latest FW 3.8 in BETA directory, I can give you new licences. But I need to have the serial number it issues after update. As I am not in the office from 06.05. to 10.06.2015, sending it to me may or may not in time. Otherwise, Happyfreddy might help you.

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